S.M.A.R.T.P.H.D ™

is a coaching framework to help you,
as a PhD, to improve your time management and prioritisation, become more productive, feel more confident, and enjoy your life more both in and out of work, and reach your full potential by focusing on:  

S – Self-care
M – Mindset
– Attainable Goals
– Reflection  
– Time Management  
– Planning + Priorities
H – Habits + Routines
D – Drive

Each letter in the framework serves as a ’gear’ in a researcher’s ‘PhD system’.

Focusing on one ‘gear’ of the system at the time and learning to manage all these gears together, you will help you to reach your full potential.  

This framework is part of my bran new coaching  program , which includes 8 modules to cover each of these ”gears” to help you to create your own system, having a more holistic approach to your PhD.  

All these  will give you the tools, and support to build the efficiency and resilience you need in your PhD and beyond.

By the end of this program you will have…

learnt  about the importance of having  a more holistic perspective to your studies, that it can be aligned to you as a ‘whole person’, having  the right support to help you achieve a better study/life balance and greater success in your work.

 The S.M.A.R.T.P.H.D ™ coaching framework can help you develop the necessary skills to have a happier, healthier PhD experience, decreasing the risk of dropping out and increasing your chances of finishing on time!


S – Self-care


M – Mindset


A – Attainable Goals


R – Reflection


T – Time Management


P – Planning + Priorities


H – Habits + Routines


D – Drive

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About me

I am certified Life and Academic Coach.
I have devoted  my life to the academic environment and successfully undertaken many degrees in Architecture (2003), Heritage Conservation (Master’s 2006), and the History of Architecture (PhD, 2018).

I have actively participated in teaching and academic trainings. I offer academic coaching for  students in a one-on-one and group coaching basis.

I have designed the S.M.A.R.T.P.H.D ™ framework to help PhD students to have a more holistic approach, focusing on Self-care, Mindset, Attainable Goals, Reflection, Time Management, Planning + Priorities, Habits + Routines and Drive, which gives students the tools, and support to build the efficiency and resilience they need in their PhD and beyond.